Women's Gym Track Pants | Bootyfit | White

Size: M


"LOVE THESE! The greatest trackies I've ever worn! - FITCHICK

Whether you call them joggers, track pants or leg sweaters, we call them awesome.

Available in white, with a giant black FKN Gym Wear logo down the right leg.

✔ Tapered cut

✔ Drawstring

✔ Zippered pockets

Our model is 160cm tall and wearing a size extra small. To complete the look, make sure to check out our entire FKN Gym Clothes range!

For care instructions & FKN secret hacks to keep your gym gear looking awesome longer, click Pro Tips below!

*Please check size chart before choosing your size*


- For best results, wash in cold or warm water only. Wash track pants and other fleece garments separately.
- Lay your joggers flat to air dry. Try hanging it over several rungs of a clothes horse rather than the clothes line so that they don't stretch out of shape.
- To get rid of any odors on your gym clothes, try wrapping them in glad wrap or in a large zip lock bag and place it in the freezer overnight.
- Putting your fleecy clothes in the freezer overnight can also stop them shedding fleece.
- Tie the ends of the drawstrings together before washing to ensure they don't creep inside the waist band during the wash. It can also help to avoid getting tangled up with your bra's.
- If your joggers gets wrinkled, never iron it! Use a clothing steamer, or even a hair dryer can help get the creases out.
- Built from 80% steel-cut cotton & 20% Polyester.
- All of our women's joggers are designed in Australia by bodybuilders.



Women’s Bootyfit Track Pants


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