Gym Hand Sanitiser



"I always carry a bottle of CAF in my gym bag and use it straight after every workout! It keeps me clean and also makes all of the other gym members feel paranoid that they have germs!" - Jonny London

A smorgasbord of bug-f#cking death!

To us humans, CAF smells like a bouquet of fresh delicious fruit shop mandarins, but surprise! It's a smorgasbord of bug-f@cking death to unsuspecting germs. 

Clean As F@CK features all of your favorite ingredients, like Alcohol, Limonene and of course Aminomethyl Propanol (so you know it's good).

Made In Australia 

50mls Of Death Gel

Great FKN Smell

If John Wick and Jason Bourne had a baby and that beautiful baby was a bottle of gym hand sanitiser, this would be it. Buy Now!

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