FKN Gym Wear Resistance Bands | 3 Pack

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"Thought these were just for chicks, but I got a good workout and a nice FKN pump!" - Craig T

The Gains Don't Stop!

These FKN Resistance Bands offer three levels of strength resistance.

Our Resistance Pack Features:

✔ 3 x Booty Resistance Bands

✔ FKN Gym Wear Carry Bag

✔ Booty Blasting Exercise Guide

Great for general fitness, at home workouts, physical therapy and strengthening

Light, medium and heavy resistance level options included. Portable,
lightweight and versatile these bands are a great addition to any fitness regime.


Thickness of each band in the pack:

Green: 0.35mm

Blue: 0.50mm

Yellow: 0.70mm



Bands are made from latex/rubber. To keep them clean and stretchy, wash them in soapy water and dry thoroughly (not in direct sunlight) before putting them back in their bag.  


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