Vegan Leather Reformer Mat -Pink Cheetah

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Our NEW Pilates Reformer mats are your dream reformer companion! 

With a quality artifical leather top this mat is even easier to clean. Simply wipe down with a damp cloth - no washing machines necessary.

The stunning new top layer absorbs moisture to get a grip even in those sweaty sessions! Fused to 100% biodegradable tree rubber, these mats are soft with a thicker cushioning for a more comfortable workout. 

Finish your workout, wipe it down, roll it up and out you go!

Polyurethane top. Biodegradable tree rubber. UV-resistant. PVC, latex and chloride free. 

Perfectly fits the Balanced Body Allegro, Allegro 2 & Merrithew Reformers

Care Instructions: After each workout, wipe mat clean with a damp cloth. Air dry before rolling up and store out of direct sunlight. 

*We advise to air out mat when first opening to let any slight smells fade :)


 500g weight 2mm thick 94cm long  56cm wide, Neck 27cm Long 19cm wide

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